a "lure" of lights

Who We Are:  A "Lure" of Lights is a 501(c)(3) community-focused organization that is dedicated to enriching the community of Hayward, Wisconsin by celebrating the holiday season with family-centered events, helping to create memories and new holiday traditions. 


How It Started: A "Lure" of Lights was created in 2010 by two friends who wanted to see Hayward shine brighter than it already did.  With big dreams, creative visions, and a lot of gumption, they created Hayward, Wisconsin's  A "Lure" of Lights. 


What We Do:  A "Lure" of Lights makes Hayward shine even brighter because it is painted in lights and families visit the area to create new memories and holiday traditions.  Each year A "Lure" of Lights strives to create family-centered events, parades, light shows, and contests that draw visitors to the area to experience the true beauty of Hayward and become a destination during the holiday season.  A "Lure" of Lights is solely ran by volunteers and funded through donations.